I know, I know. We've heard it a million times. Sleep helps relieve anxiety. It is beyond crucial for your body, since that is when it cleanses and heals itself the most. We know the cognitive risks involved but shaving hours off our sleep time. And uh--that's kind of a huge deal, don't you think? ;)

Yet, there are still some people who don't realize that not getting enough sleep may be contributing to your difficulty losing weight. Perplexing? Perhaps. But, as we've also heard many a time--it's all connected. OK, we get it. BUT how exactly does making sure we get the recommended amount of sleep (at least seven hours, but preferably eight) help us in our weight loss endeavors?

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In June of 2019, there was a study done by the Journal of Sleep Research that was quite revealing. There have been several done, though, over the years and it shows us that less sleep can lead to weight gain--or at least trouble with weight loss. Here's a few of their findings:

After seven studies were done, a review showed people who slept less than seven hours, once they began sleeping more, found they had a reduced appetite. WHAT? Sleep more and be less hungry? Sign us up, right?

But that's not all. They also began showing signs of better blood sugar processing. Furthermore, they reported fewer cravings for the normally irresistible sweet and salty snacks to which we tend to be drawn when we're sleepy.

Great news, eh? Now, if only we could GET to sleep, amirite? Very often, the problem comes when we don't stick to a regular sleep schedule, as well as other factors. Well, not to worry. A few months ago I dug in and posted a two part guide on getting your sleep schedule in place. You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

May your weekend be filled with sweet dreams and fewer sweet cravings. <3

Oh and hey--Don't forget to get in a little exercise, too. ;)

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