Recently, a local woman had much praise for the Fuzzy's Taco staff after she witnessed them deal with some extremely rude customers during her visit to the Troup Highway location in Tyler, Texas.

So here's what happened according to her post:

A woman named Sarah was sitting at the bar a few nights ago at the Fuzzy's Taco Shop off of Troup Highway. While she was there, she watched a party of five come in and sit down where they proceeded to order one (1) margarita and some other food items.

As Murphy's Law would dictate, at that PRECISE moment the business received their liquor order, which was quite formidable. Sarah said in her post she knows for a fact it was over $3,000. That's quite an order. And so, the staff was working to unload the order while also going to get the one margarita prepared to deliver to the party of five.

Apparently, the party of five was very upset with how long it was taking their margarita to arrive and began showing their displeasure in dramatic ways. Sarah says in actuality it only took about 5 minutes for the margarita to arrive.

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But what happened AFTER the margarita arrived at their table was even more alarming.

The server brought the margarita to the table at which point, according to the post, the lady who ordered it "strong-armed" it away from the server. Once she sat the drink down on the table she stuffed her napkin into it and said "I don't even wanna drink this anymore, this is what they get for being as (expletive) as they were." (I'm quoting Sarah.) 

According to the post, one man was even yelling angrily in the faces of the waitstaff at Fuzzy's Taco Shop in Tyler, Texas.

When the party of 5 got up to leave, Sarah said they were continuing to "talk smack" at which point Sarah bravely advised them she was planning on tipping the server enough for all of them (inferring the party wasn't planning on leaving a tip.)

Their reply to Sarah? Well, I can't exactly tell you what they said but it involved an "F," a "you," and a "B." 

Sarah is a brave soul and I appreciate her sharing her experience on this social media group page. What I don't appreciate is how some people in East Texas feel so entitled to treat waitstaff or anyone with such blatant, hateful disdain.

Things go wrong sometimes. This is planet Earth. That's just how it is. However, that doesn't mean the answer is to berate people who are just doing the best they can. That poor server had NOTHING to do with the fact that most of the staff were working on unloading the liquor.

But back to the point of this post... People are going to behave like jerks sometimes. Things are going to go wrong. But it's the way the staff responded to the situation that makes me want to go give them my business. 

Despite the fact this group decided to behave this way, the server, the manager, and other members of the waitstaff remained composed, gracious, and friendly. And THAT is hard to do, my friends.

Shout out to the staff at Fuzzy's Taco Shop on Troup Highway in Tyler, Texas. I'll be by to give you my business soon. 

Have you experienced or witnessed a situation like this and want to share it? Send me an email at

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