For the Silent is a group that is near and dear to many in East Texas. If you've not heard of them, I encourage you to look into their necessary, heart-wrenching, and life giving work. Their official mission is to work "to end sex trafficking and exploitation by empowering the voices of vulnerable and exploited youth." 

In my opinion, this is some of the the most important work being done right now in East Texas. Anything that we can do to contribute to their work is a big deal. If you've been contemplating a tattoo but were waiting for the right moment, this is it. Especially if, like me, you'd like to do anything you can to help.

Moth + Moon Tattoo is hosting a unique 'flash day event' on July 20 at their location at 3318 C S SW Loop 323 in Tyler from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m., during which they'll be offering $40-50 tattoos and the proceeds will go directly to For the Silent.

A couple of things to keep in mind: This is a CASH ONLY event and the tattooing is a first come, first serve scenario. Also, there will be live music from local and area artists such as Matt Raker, JT Wilkinson, Ian Powers and Mark Beavers, as well as Simon Young. You can also check out local vendors such as Bee's Knees Pizza and Bubble Tea Food Truck. More vendors will be added as we get nearer to the event. Also planned are an art show and poetry reading.

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