What's that they say about all things in moderation?

Britain's Danny-Joe Parkinson, 19, celebrated a trip he took to Greece with 16 of his friends by getting all of their names tattooed on his leg, all at one time. Now, this may be hard to believe, but apparently they had been drinking when this all went down. Yes, shocking, we know.

In addition to the 16 names, he also got ink with his nickname (Banjo), as well as the name of another friend who bailed on the vacation. That's a total of 18 names (cost: $235, which everyone chipped in to pay) and it looks like a preliminary list for who to invite to a party threw up on his shin.

Parkinson, who already had 13 other tats, claims he only did it after his friends bet him he wouldn't. And he's pleased as rum punch that he went through with it:

I don't regret it at all. I'm happy with the quality of it, and it's just for fun."

He may not regret it now, but we suspect he will in about a decade or two after all his pals have gotten married, moved out to the suburbs and the only time they talk is to congratulate each other after seeing a picture on Facebook of yet another baby they've had. Friends at 19 tend to be a lot different than friends at 39.

Parkinson is also prepared for the fallout from his family when they get a load of what he did. Asked what he thinks they'll say, he remarked, "They all know I'm an idiot anyway, so not much. I'm full of bad tattoos if I'm honest. I've got "BBQ" tattooed on my rib. I've got an origami boat on my arm."

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