The sun has gone down, the busy day is over, and you look over and see your beautiful children at home, safe and loved--where they belong. What a peaceful feeling.

However for many families, the heartbreaking reality is otherwise. Although the circumstances vary, their kids are not at home safe where they belong--they are "out there" somewhere in the night. Perhaps they'd run away, were kidnapped, or deceived. Some of these kids didn't even have the blessing of a stable and loving home from which to run. Whatever the case, they are in danger. Once trapped, they may not have a voice to speak out. They need our help, intervention, and for our voices to cry out For The Silent.

For The Silent is a desperately needed and hope-giving organization here in East Texas that seeks to do just that. For The Silent's mission?

Through prevention, survivor care, and community transformation programs — we work to end sex trafficking and exploitation by empowering the voices of vulnerable and exploited youth.

For The Silent's ultimate vision is to see "all youth free from commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking." In order to achieve this vision, they need our help.
This Saturday, April 27, is the sixth annual 'Nightwalk For Hope" from 6 to 9 p.m. This fundraiser is family-friendly and features food trucks, live music, and special activities the kids will love.
Later in the evening when the sun sets, the walk for hope begins. Join your neighbors on a 2.5 mile lantern-lit walk through Rose Rudman Park. Literally, you'll light up the night as a symbol of freedom and hope. Shine a light in the darkness and "stand against modern day slavery" and the exploitation of our young and vulnerable. We will be a voice for the silent until they are able again to use their own.
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