By now, you may have picked up I love to take little day trips around East Texas. There's so many undiscovered little stops to shop, play, and/or dine. My most recent trip took me and a friend over to Edom in Van Zandt county. Now, Edom is a place I love to frequent on a semi-regular basis. It's cozy, artsy, quaint, and fun all in one little vibrant town.

Although I've enjoyed lots of stops there, this trip we tried a spot we'd been hearing about--and their down-to-earth, cozy, and delicious options. Sometimes the best spots are the simplest, wouldn't you agree? Edom Cafe is right there on FM 279, the main road through downtown Edom. Just look for the big yellow sign and the chalet-style log structure and pull over, cuz you don't want to miss this.

We didn't pop in for breakfast, but I hear that's worth a trip, too. When we arrived, there was quite a little lunch crowd and it was hopping, but there was still plenty of seating--including outside, which is where we landed.

With options ranging from fish or shrimp baskets and chicken fried chicken to salads and grilled sandwiches, it was hard to pick. We finally settled on the nachos supreme and the chicken fried chicken with some of the yummiest mashed potatoes anywhere. And tator tots. Cuz more potatoes is always a good plan in my book. ;) We hear particularly good things about the Cowboy Burger--maybe next time.

Behold the chicken fried chicken
Behold the chicken fried chicken--and various forms of potatoes.

Our waitress was truly delightful and made us feel beyond welcome to be there. SO welcome, in fact, that although we were incredibly stuffed after our meal, she sweet-talked us into dessert. I mean, it's hard to say 'no' when there's a nice selection of cakes and pies on offer. We finally settled on a piece of from-scratch coconut pie made by 'Ma.' And yeah, Ma's a real person they know and she brings her homemade pies there for your enjoyment. Hands down, one of top 5 best coconut pies I've ever had--and I really like coconut pie.

It was relaxed and delicious and definitely a place I'd both recommend and look forward to visiting again in Edom.

Get more info and check out more of their menu items here.


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