I guess the last time we had a snow like the one on Sunday was...2009, I think?

Usually, predictions of snow don't materialize. Or if they do, it's little more than a white dusting or it quickly devolves into freezing rain.

But Sunday's snowfall was perfection. It was as if everything became a kind of Narnia--storybook, winter wonderland enchantment. There was even enough snow to build snowmen! That almost never happens. I made one, too. (See photo.) I didn't have a traditional "snowman hat" to put on him, so I made a beret type hat out of leaves and decided he would be French. I named him Antoine. (LOL)

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Getting outside and playing in the snow immediately made me feel like a kid again. From looking at your photos you've sent via our mobile apps and on social media makes me think you had a lot of fun, too. And gosh. Did we need it.

The last year, and the beginning of this one, has been incredibly stressful. I believe to my core that after all of the headlines and heartaches of dealing with pandemics and political tensions, we needed the lighthearted fun of playing in the snow. It felt like a playful break and tension release for many East Texans and their families.

Not to mention, wherever we stand on the political spectrum or whatever we're dealing with in our every day lives--we all need to play sometimes. To remember what we have in common. To do something simply for the fun of it. It reminds us of some of the best parts of being human.

I hope you had a blast yesterday. And I hope we all remember, whenever life gets incredibly stressful, to take time to play. Not just kids, but adults, too.

Maybe ESPECIALLY adults.

We would love to see some of your "fun in the snow" photos. You can send them to us on our Facebook page or inside our mobile apps. Here are some of my favorite photos I took around my house yesterday:

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