Granted, we have so many amazing options when one is feeling more emotional than feels reasonable and needs to find a place to "eat your feelings" in Tyler, Texas.

And one of my new favorite places to do that? Freddy's Steakburgers.

Yes, I realize it's been around for a while now. However, my days are so busy I often find myself picking up food from places conveniently located near my house or on the way to work. But yesterday, I was out and about running some errands in preparation for an upcoming trip that took me closer to the Kohl's parking lot and thus--Freddy's.

On top of being in that general area, I was also feeling a little emotional for various reasons and just didn't have the willpower to avoid bypassing such a tempting comfort food option. Ever have one of those days?

For people who love Raising Cane's sauce, you really need to try Freddy's Steakburger 'Fry Sauce' next time you have the chance.

But first, shoutout to Freddy's original steakburger. It's a simple item, really. Two thin steakburger patties with mustard (or whatever you want), plus two long pickle slices and onions. And of course, cheese. Cuz, duh. ;)

Also, their fries are these quite thin magic potato sticks, but that FRY sauce, tho. I was glad they went ahead and put extra in the bag because good heavens I could have just had those for dessert. Speaking of, that Ghiradelli hot chocolate shake with the marshmallow whipped cream was to die for. (I only got a small, though. Does that make it ok, somehow?)

To be honest, yesterday I could've used the large and would've felt zero regrets. And yes, I did feel better, thank you for asking.

What's your favorite go-to when it comes to comfort food in East Texas?

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