Tis the season that many of us have a drink as part of the celebration.  Do you always have a different drink, or is there one favorite drink that you always fall back on?  That may reveal something about your personality.

If you pick wine as your standby drink, for example, MSN says this about you.  "You feel generally happy and dissatisfied at the same time. You are ambitious but don't feel lucky. You would call yourself jealous because you are also very self-aware. Your preferred party position is talking late into the night."  So wine drinkers are happy with an edge.

And vodka tonic drinkers, "....turn down sparkling water at restaurants in favor of tap. You eat a lot of fish. You run but don't necessarily enjoy it. You do enjoy Danish design and neutral colors. The color purple (the actual color, not the book) upsets you. Your preferred party position is organizing it."  Or maybe vodka tonic drinkers just like vodka tonics?

I'll probably have a short glass of brandy-spiked egg nog with my Dad this week, with a dusting of nutmeg on top.  And crushed ice!  Crushed ice is the key.  I wonder if that means I'm self aware and like bold colors and feel lucky.  Who knows!  But it tastes good and my dad and I have some good conversations while we're drinking it.  It's a good bonding moment.

Cheers!  Have a great week.

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