Our grandparents mostly adhered to a traditional three meals a day. There's been a trend in the last ten years or so to "graze." By that, I mean eating six to eight smaller meals every day as opposed to the traditional model of three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The idea is that it helps you lose weight and some even claim it helps you daily energy levels. Personally, I've not found this to be the case.

Disclaimer: I'm not a nutritionist. And if you have a program that works for you and keeps you feeling good, rock on. ;) In addition to just simply trying to manage making time for all those meals, I find I don't feel as good. And there are longevity studies that back this up, too. In fact, many recommend intermittent fasting. That's another subject.

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For me, when I eat, I feel better when I eat enough to sustain me for awhile so I can continue in my daily tasks--both for my body and my brain power. When I eat, it makes me feel as if I'm stopping and putting on the brakes of digestion and processing those nutrients. Doing this a few times versus seven times works better for me.

Plus, I enjoy making meal times a pleasant experience. Again, easier to do three times versus six or seven times. Otherwise I feel like I'm just snacking all day and never feel fully full. Maybe it's a mental thing, I dunno. But my energy levels and weight loss efforts seem to reflect this, too.

If you have a medical need that makes it necessary to eat smaller meals more often, that's obviously a different scenario completely. Always listen to the advice of your doctor. And of course, this isn't some kind of dogma. If you eat three meals, but still feel you need a light snack or you won't be able to go to sleep, I personally believe that's okay, too. Your body has its own knowledge. We'd be wise to try to tune in and listen.

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