'Turn and Face the Strange.' Thank you, David Bowie. "Changes" has always been one of my favorite songs. Even when I was a youngster I found the song appealing, even before I knew what it really meant. It's interesting how as we get older the drive to change, or even the necessity to change, becomes more evident. Life puts challenges in front of us that serve as a catalyst for us to finally stand up and say, "no, life can be better. I must get better."

Of course, as good and necessary as change may be, when you've been operating in one paradigm for so long, making a change can feel a bit like it does when you've been asleep for a little bit too long. Waking up, standing up, and stretching toward what life is calling you toward can feel unnatural--maybe even painful, initially. That's part of what is required to wake up, be fully engaged in your life, and to take the steps to truly make things different.

When you at the beginning of any journey of change, the idea of the entire process can  be a bit daunting--to the the point where just thinking about it can make you want to give up, take the blue pill, and/or go back to sleep. Yeah, been there.

However, when you have finally "had enough" of the status quo, you may finally decide it's worth the strain to do it. Enter Bowie's lyrics from above--you just "turn and face the strange." And it is strange at first. Anytime we take the first steps toward any new goal it will be hard. It will feel awkward. Just. Keep. Going. Whether it's the ever-popular goal of losing weight--thus changing eating habits and incorporating exercise--or taking steps to go back to school to pursue the goals you've left neglected, or whatever... The first steps will almost feel like there's an invisible force holding you back. Trust me, it will get easier.

If your goal is to become a runner, take the first awkward steps out the door and walk for ten minutes. If the goal is to work toward finishing a college degree, call the institution and at least connect with someone who can point you in the right direction. Always wanted to pursue some artistic endeavor? Stop right now and search for art classes in your area. I'll wait....

The point is: It's all gonna feel strange at first. You may feel it's silly. So what? Do it anyway. What's the other option? Doing nothing. Changing nothing. And then a few weeks, months, or heaven forbid years from now, you'll stop and remember a moment--maybe this one--that you talked yourself out of it. Maybe then you'll finally decide to take steps to make a change in your life. Sooo, why not go ahead and do it now? I'll leave you with this quote from Anaïs Nin:

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Ill be over here cheering you on. ;)

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