Recently, a Tyler, TX woman shared a rave about a young waiter at Olive Garden that we just had to share.

If I’m being honest, it’s been quite a while since I’ve dined at the Olive Garden on S. Broadway in Tyler, Texas and this has inspired me to plan a trip forthwith. I'd like to go in and ask for this waiter that so impressed Tyler, TX resident Jana Brooks Vernon.

The waiter's name, who Jana describes as a "handsome young cowboy" is Prince. Well, actually his name is Kaleb. However, since there were already two “Calebs” on the waitstaff at Olive Garden he decided to go by his middle name.

Turns out, his nickname is a very appropriate title for this young man—and we think you’ll agree.

The young man had already impressed them with great, mannerly service—but then, it went next level.

Jana says that when she and her family sat down for dinner they were already impressed with Prince because of how very friendly and mannerly the young man was that evening. But then what he did next confirmed that he does, in fact, have the heart of a “prince.”

While Jana and her family were dining, their waiter Prince was delivering food to another table when she saw him looking out the window and announcing that he'd be right back. Evidently, Prince had noticed an elderly man with a walker struggling to get up over the curb so he could make his way into the restaurant lobby. Prince saw he was struggling and excused himself to go outside and, not only help the man get up onto the curb but helped him all the way into the building.

Just a few moments later? Prince was back at Jana's table refilling their drinks as if nothing had happened.

Hearing stories like this is so refreshing. Thank you, Jana, for sharing this with us. And we are totally in agreement with her final sentiment on the post:

"It’s so nice to see humanity still exists! To who ever raised this young man great mom's and dad’n! To Olive garden in Tyler, better try hard to keep this one! Go in and have some salad and bread sticks and ask for Prince as your server, tell him his biggest fans sent him!"

Will do, Jana. Will do.

Have you had a great customer experience you’d like to share? We’d love to highlight them. Send an email to

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