I am not advocating we stop watching our favorite TV shows and movies. Especially if it's something we sincerely love doing.

At the same time, it's wired into our DNA to seek comfort and who doesn't love to "numb out" from time to time. I get it. Me, too.

I am not one of those people who hates social media. Actually, I love it. I'm thankful for it. It connects us with each other and introduces us to those we may have never met otherwise.

I also love chocolate cake. A lot. That doesn't mean I should eat an entire cake in one sitting. (At least not on a regular basis, right?)

Same goes for screen time and social media. Hey, enjoy it! At the same time, make sure you're having your "healthy dinner" before delving into that chocolate cake.

"Healthy dinner" being all of those things we need to do to make sure we keep on, ya know, living in the real world. This is especially important for kids. They've lived their entire lives on social media and online. It might not be a bad idea to have them use this checklist, too.

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Hey, humans love checklists, don't we? So here are a few super-simple things I make myself do before I let myself collapse and become a jelly roll on my couch. Ya know, to help me keep living life life before logging in and/or pushing play.

Before you or your kids turn on the screens make sure you do these things first: 


Wash and dress for the day

Put your PJ's away and make your bed

Eat breakfast

Read or journal


Make a quick to-do list for tomorrow

Change clothes and unwind for at least 5-10 minutes (without your phone)

Meditate, exercise, and/or stretch

Complete at least ONE household chore you know needs doing

Make dinner

Weekends or holidays:

You still need to wash and dress for the day--even if it's back into PJ's

Make your bed

Make breakfast

Spend 20 minutes reading, journaling, meditating

Spend at least 30 minutes exercising or outside (safely) playing a game, bonus points if it involves pets

Spend at least 30 minutes doing something creative--writing, painting, cooking, even gardening

Complete at least ONE or two household chores you've been putting off

OK, checked these things off the list? Then hey, enjoy a little screen time why don't ya? Keep in mind, this list is a minimal suggestion to help those who tend to become a bit addicted to scrolling into infinitude.

So, please--if you find you're enjoying playing in the yard with you dog or cooking a family meal with your kids, feel free to extend. ;)

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