Not every farmer's market offers tomatoes, cantaloupe, AND Fresh Mexican Mint Marigolds.  The East Texas State Fair Farmers' Market is open for two more weekends, and then it will close for the season.

If you have kids who will regularly polish off an entire canteloupe before you even get one bite, you will be at the farmers market this Saturday to stock up.  Me too!

The East Texas State Fair Farmers Market is run by farmers and it happens every Saturday from May through mid-August.  The Tyler Morning Telegraph said earlier this season, "Produce brought to the farmer’s market is picked about three of four days prior, allowing it to be very fresh."  The strawberries are juicier and the blueberries are plumper.  And they have peppers, watermelons, and microgreens.  Yum.

Picking fresh tomatoes out of Dad's garden and making BLTs every day as a kid was the BEST.  But now, since we've run out of the time and energy to create our own backyard gardens, buying half of a hardworking local farmer's fresh tomato crop will be the next best thing.  I'll race you to it.

The East Texas State Fair Farmers Market will be set up again this Saturday, August 7th from 7 am to 1 pm under the South Pavilion at the East Texas State Fair Grounds with local produce, honey, jams, and jellies, and those Mexican Mint Marigolds too.  The Farmer's Market says on its Facebook page that the mint-flavored leaves have a sweet, anise flavor, and you can add them to chicken, fish, soups, or summer salads.  The possibilities are endless.

And it's another reason we love Tyler!  The market will close on August 14th.

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