A Wild Video And News Report Out Of Austin Has Gone Viral After A Security Guard Told His Bosses To Take This Job And Shove It.

Working security is a very tough job and those who do it aren't held in the same high regard as say law enforcement officers or first responders but we should still be thankful for folks who choose to sacrifice themselves to protect others.

Well, one security guard in Austin who was a victim of an assault while trying to do his job decided that the job he was working at just wasn't worth the drama anymore and quit on the spot in front of a live TV audience.

Percy Payne was telling FOX 7 Austin about an attack he faced during work.


According to Fox 7, Payne was at his security job on Monday, June 24, at 6th and Brushy Streets, when he saw two young men going inside the underground garage while the door stuck open.

He believes they were trying to steal his car so he tried to detain them and he says they attacked him. Payne says one of his attackers had a screwdriver and was threatening to stab him.

Payne Says He Called 911 TWICE Before An Officer Would Respond.


Payne told the dispatcher he wasn’t hurt badly enough to require EMS, but needed an officer to respond because of what happened to him. But the 911 dispatcher told him that they won't be sending him any police help because he wasn't hurt enough and nothing was taken.

So, he called 911 again and an officer showed up an hour later, long after the suspects had taken off. The attack is now being investigated as an aggravated assault.

While Payne Was Sharing His Story With News Reporters, His "Supervisor" Came Over.

During FOX 7’s interview with Payne, his supervisor with Priebe Security walked up and asked him to stop speaking to the news crews while on the job, stating there was a policy against doing interviews while in uniform.

An argument ensued, which escalated, and Payne made the decision to quit taking off his uniform and attempting to hand it back to his now former supervisor saying she believes the attack was his fault. The nerve.

Payne Was Not Out Of Work Long.

Eric Prouzet via unsplash.com
Eric Prouzet via unsplash.com

Not too long after his clip went viral, Payne received messages of support on social media, Michael Cargill the owner of Central Texas Gun Works, who also owns a security company, hired him on the spot after seeing his story.

When asked why, Cargill said that Payne deserved better and that he would also pay for him to receive training to raise him from a Level II unarmed security guard to a level III armed guard. Payne calls Cargill's act "a blessing".

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