Tyler has plenty of great options for farmer's markets, and while none of them won the honor of the best farmer's market in Texas, they're still a great place for East Texans to stock up on produce, jellies, jams, salsa and honey.  Any guess which Texas city's farmer's market was voted the best?

MSN picked the best farmer's market in every state, and picked the Hope Farmer's Market in Austin as its top choice because of the "games, workshops and family events" that are part of the market each week. What about the watermelons?

Tyler has at least three great choices. The East Texas State Fair Farmer's Market is open Tuesday and Saturday. The Rose City Farmer's Market on Old Jacksonville Highway is open Tuesday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon.  And then there's the Tyler Farmer's Market on Old Bullard Road, that's open in the morning on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Any one of them would work if you're in the mood for a good family outing, or date day.

Foodies continue to be focused on farm-to-table and fresh ingredients, and the farmer's market is a great way to get that, and support the local economy at the same time.

The Historic Longview Farmer's Market is another great option. The Saturday market is open at High and Cotton,a and the Wednesday market just opened up last week and runs through the summer. You can find that one at the Good Shepherd Institute for Healthy Living on Hawkins Parkway near Fourth Street.

Austin is great, but there are plenty of great Farmer's Markets to hit right here in East Texas. MSN may overlook them, but that just leaves more watermelon and honey for the rest of us. See you at the market!

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