Listen, gas prices got out of control this summer. It made it hard to get around Tyler, TX, let alone make it out of town. Yeah, road trips were fewer and farther between this year. But with Labor Day in the rearview mirror gas prices are beginning to drop across East Texas and around the U.S.

We all felt it in our wallets though, and the pain was very real. According to WFAA, on July 7th, Texas' statewide gas price average was $4.33 per gallon. At the same point last year, the statewide average of gas in Texas was $2.81. That's nearly a $1.50 more per gallon. That adds up fast.

Well this week, for the first time in recent memory, I've begun seeing gas prices dip below $3 on my drives around Tyler, so I thought perhaps we'd all like to see places we can buy gas today, where it'll feel like it's FREE... Shocking how less than $3 bucks feels so cheap now, rigth?

But first, if you are looking to save money on gas here are a couple of tips we found earlier this year:

  1. Map the quickest route to your destination prior to starting your travel.
  2. Avoid busy traffic times.
  3. Using cruise control can help you with fuel consumption.
  4. It's always good to check your tire pressure as well.
  5. Download an app. Did you know that there are multiple apps now that will help you find the cheapest gas around town? Find one that works best for you.

Alright, here we go. Here's where you can find gas for under $3 in Tyler today, according to Gas Buddy.

Top 10 Places to Get Gas for Under 3 Bucks Today in Tyler, TX (9/7/22)

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