This year comfort food has been employed by many, including myself, to find a way to "eat our feelings." Twas always thus. But this year, especially so.

Typically when we think of comfort food, it tends to also include all things fried, iced, and/or covered in gravy. It may also include any leftover Halloween candy we've stashed in a private drawer and have "forgotten" to tell any other family members about. (Not that I've done that, of course.;))

I am a huge fan of occasionally allowing for these things. Food often feels like love. And this year, we've NEEDED it.

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At the same time, when it comes to loving our bodies, and not just our taste buds, we may realize that true comfort food are those meals that nourish our bodies. These are the foods, that after the momentary pleasure has passed, will provide us with the vitamins and minerals that actually make us stronger, happier, and more mentally clear.

Since today was the first Monday of a new month, and with the election and all the inherent stress therein this week, I decided to ask my taste buds to please play second fiddle to the entirety of my body. I decided to create "comfort food" that nourishes.

Yep, you can guess what that means--tons of fruit, veggies, whole grains, and other foods that are whole and as close to nature as possible. Now granted, these foods may not provide the same "flavor hit" as some of our fave junk foods. But, they can certainly taste good. And better yet? You'll actually *feel* good after eating them.

It's funny how after just one day of "being back on track" and intentionally feeding myself with these superfoods, I already feel better. Less anxious, too. But I'm not giving up that piece of chocolate I always love to have after dinner with decaf coffee. It's about balance after all.

I just want to encourage us all: if we're feeling extra anxious, exhausted, and need a sincere comfort--let's create meals over the next few days that are truly comfort food for our bodies, not just our taste buds. Ideally, true comfort food will comfort both.

Sending love--and comfort.

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