Rather than stop by the KFC restaurants on Troup Highway or South Broadway, what if you could concoct that famous KFC flavor at home?

One of the most highly-guarded recipes of all time might be traveling around the internet as we speak.

A newspaper reporter did an interview with Colonel Sanders' nephew at the family home, and at one point they looked through a family scrapbook.  On the back, there was a handwritten recipe for "fried chicken with 11 herbs and spices."  And now this is the "secret" recipe that's been unveiled and is making its way around the web.

2/3 Ts salt
1/2 Ts thyme
1/2 Ts basil
1/3 Ts oregano
1 Ts celery salt
1 Ts black pepper
1 Ts dried mustard
4 Ts paprika
2 Ts garlic salt
1 Ts ground ginger
3 Ts white pepper

Now the nephew is saying he's not sure if it's the original recipe, and KFC says the claims aren't accurate.  The Today Show reported the "original recipe" is locked up in a digital safe somewhere, surrounded by surveillance, and no one has ever matched it correctly.  Doesn't the Troup Highway restaurant need the recipe in house to make the chicken, and wouldn't it be floating around in there somewhere?  Maybe the flour is all pre-mixed and comes from the same top-secret location where the safe is located.

Here's the thing.  Are we really going to go to the trouble of making this recipe?  It looks like a lot of tedious measuring, and then we still don't know how long to cook the chicken, or at what temperature to make it perfect.  The KFC drive-thru is so much quicker.  I think your secret is safe, KFC!

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