Don't get me wrong, I'm a lover of all kinds of dogs--from the sleek Greyhound, enormous and lovable Saint Bernard, and the tiny, impossibly cute Yorkshire Terrier. All dogs, "pure-breeds" or otherwise, deserve copious amounts of love from humans. Also, check out the video above, but at the same time know---everyone here loves ALL dogs. Because dogs are perfect beings. Practically. ;)

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At the same time, there's something particularly lovable about the "Mutt." Honestly, I don't love that work, as it has a less-than-ideal connotation in the English language. Thankfully, though that's changing. As more and more people are opting to adopt rather than shop for their fur-ever friends, the Mutt's of the world are finally getting more of the positive attention they deserve. So much so, that we have an official "National Mutt Day." On top of that, many of the most beloved breeds in 2020 are, technically, mutts.

So, all of that being said--are there some advantages to choosing a "mutt" over a pure breed? Some may say so. In some cases, the breeding process involved in creating that blue blood French English bulldog isn't a pleasant one for the dogs. While certainly not AT ALL always the case, there are some sad situations--like puppy mills, for example--that if many people were aware of them, would choose differently and probably be enraged.

According to some veterinarians, mutts may tend to be "sturdier," genetically-speaking. Dogs that are too closely bred to a bloodline over time may be more prone to infectious diseases or other genetic concerns. You can read more in-depth about that here.

I have personally found the beloved mutts I've met to be among the smartest, sassiest, delightfully cute companions--one of the reasons I refer to them as a "love mix," rather than mutt.

If you're considering adopting a dog, please check out our Pet of the Week tab. You can also meet some friends waiting for their fur-ever homes via the SPCA of East Texas website. #nationalmuttday

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