It's an important question. One I'll admit that when I moved to Texas just about 22 years ago, I didn't fully realize then how important it would become to me.

Yeah, if you didn't know it, Tex-Mex and never-ending chips and salsa before sizzling fajitas isn't a thing everywhere in the U.S., and that's a damn shame. Bottomless chips before big as my face burritos has changed my life forever, for the better.

I remember the first time I went out to Jalapeno Tree in 2000 with a few new friends and being totally confused by the butter bear on the table. I recall their confused reactions followed by the sheer joy on their faces while they showed me how to put butter into my salsa. And my oh my do I love butter in my salsa now, I have been a proponent of it for two decades.

That takes up to the answer to the ever important question: Which Restaurant in Longview Has the Best Chips & Salsa?

It is an important question and one we turn to the All Things Longview Facebook page for our answer. Well, actually dozens of answers. 122 of them to be exact.

And why not, each East Texan has an opinion which restaurant rocks the best primer for your Mexican food dinner. From El Sombrero to Little Mexico, and Papcita's to Don Benito's, here are the restaurants that Longview says is serving up the best chips and salsa.

Which Restaurant in Longview Has the Best Chips & Salsa?

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