Although there are many great East Texas cities that would be great options when it comes to places to retire, one particular town recently was named as one of the very best to consider.

I can't even begin to tell you how many people I've met that have moved here from Dallas, Austin, or other big cities around the U.S. Quite of a few of those people said they were looking for places to live that offered much of what you want in a city without having to deal with the inherent stress that comes with living in a very large city. And for those of us who have lived in East Texas for most of our lives, it's not surprising to hear.

I find this to be especially true as we're seeing so much renovation and new development that makes our area even more attractive to those looking to start a new chapter and even to retire.

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But which East Texas town was recently given an honorable mention on a list of the best places to retire in Texas, specifically?

KETK reports that "World Atlas described Mineola as 'the most suitable place to retire in style,' citing their lively downtown area that features fashion shops, a winery and places for yoga."

This doesn't surprise me at all. In fact, not too long ago I shared a post about how much I love taking little day trips to Mineola. Check that out if you know someone interested in learning more about what Mineola has to offer.

And when you read that article, you'll find they had many similar things to say regarding what sets Mineola apart.

This includes much of what World Atlas had to say regarding “the beautifully-restored Historic Downtown District [which] is full of antique shops, local restaurants, as well as rustic bars, and cozy cafes."

Not to mention the little city offers almost 3,000 acres of natural areas which are perfect for lovers of the outdoors. And with an average home price of around $200,000, it's also very affordable compared to many other places one might consider.

Well done, Mineola. Although we're aren't at all surprised to hear it.

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