Recently, I've been seeing some of my East Texas friends post on social media about the interesting discoveries they've made outside of their front door.

Whether we're talking about humans or animals. Most of the posts I see are showing misguided snakes who've wandered a little too close to the world of humans. Some of those ill-fated reptiles are no longer with us. Some were allowed to wander back off into the wild.

However, however odd the things we may find outside our homes this time of year, I have to say, finding an 8-foot alligator would likely be one of the most frightening creatures to find at your front door.

One Humble, Texas couple found an 8-foot alligator outside of their home's front door.

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Jody White of Humble, TX, and his girlfriend Tami Tanner arrived home after a trip to find an unexpected guest waiting near the front door.

Homeowner Jody White told KHOU11 that they "pulled up in front of the house here and when my girlfriend got out, she went to go unlock the door and open the garage door to put my boat in, well there was an alligator on the front porch and he slapped her with a tail."

His girlfriend Tami Tanner said she thought she'd heard something and then noticed an open mouth in her peripheral vision and she heard him hiss.

As many of us might be, she just stopped and tried to realize what was happening. As she was planning to turn and run, the alligator "popped" her left knee with his tail and she fell. Thankfully, her boyfriend saw what was happening and grabbed his gun.

The alligator wasn't killed, however.

Thankfully, a team from Texas Parks & Wildlife showed up to remove the alligator and transport it to a more suitable area--which is DEFINITELY not outside our homes.

Tami was taken to the hospital but thankfully, she is ok.

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