We're hearing it in the headlines every single day it seems:

Californians are moving in droves to the great state of Texas. And we're seeing quite a few transplants here in East Texas. So why are they moving here? Whether they choose Tyler, Longview, Kilgore, Athens, Lindale, Troup, or any of our ETX towns--they're coming.

Granted, every story is different. One family may move simply to escape the high cost of living in California. Others may have been offered a job. And for some, it's because they are tired of the way California politics have been over the last several years.

Since we're likely to continue seeing this trend continue for a while, it is ever more likely that we'll be seeing more ex-Californians around Tyler, Longview, and Kilgore, Texas. And in many of our East Texas towns and communities.

Recently, one man who was born and raised in Southern California shared his story as to why he decided to move his family from the SoCal town in which he'd been raised to East Texas.

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Ryan and his wife, Nicole, operate Freedom Foods Farm in East Texas. They have a YouTube Channel where they share their ETX adventure.

For years, Ryan had always dreamed of being able to retire in the country. And our beautiful East Texas has provided that opportunity for him and his family. (Congrats, y'all.)

Screenshots from Freedom Foods Farm YouTube Channel
Screenshots from Freedom Foods Farm YouTube Channel

When he decided to leave SoCal, he'd initially pondered moving to Montana. But after a few visits to our area, he fell in love. (Not that we blame him.)

But what specifically made him decide to leave California?

Although he enjoyed his hometown, he said in the last several years things have changed so dramatically. House prices have shot up to the point of (what we'd consider) insanity. His small childhood home on a small lot has shot up to around $800,000! Can you imagine?

Ryan also became concerned with the number of homeless people, a number which was estimated to have reached around 2500 in his area. He certainly feels sympathy for their situation. At the same time, he felt this growing issue was indicative of larger issues.

One example of that was the way the local government decided to deal with the homeless situation was to add a bunch of porta-potties in the area because some of that homeless population were relieving themselves in the streets. Heartbreaking, for sure.

Screenshots from Freedom Foods Farm YouTube Channel
Screenshots from Freedom Foods Farm YouTube Channel

He relates one evening before the move when he noticed a random man looking at him through his front door windows. Although the guy meant him no harm, once Ryan was able to speak with him, he could tell the man was not mentally well.

And just affording a life that you'd want to live in Southern California is difficult. Ryan always wanted to work from home and that would've been much more challenging there.

Other issues in Southern Cali that made Ryan and Nicole make the jump to East Texas?

Something you and I may take for granted is how friendly people can be here. Seriously. I forget. But it only takes traveling to other places for a while to realize how good we have it in East Texas. Common courtesy isn't always so common in other areas of America.

All in all, Ryan and Nicole are happy to be in ETX for a variety of reasons--friendly people, financial opportunity, space, cleanliness...

Ryan shares more in this quick video. It's a quick watch. But one that I think will remind us all how good we really have it in East Texas.

Welcome to ETX Ryan and Nicole. :)

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