Do you know how many miles you'd have to walk to make it all the way across Texas?  Teams are forming now to help you cross this feat off your bucket list starting Monday.   

Walk Across Texas kicks off Monday, March 18th, and it's a free 8-week program aimed at helping Texans get moving and establishing the habit of regular physical activity. It puts our spring fever to good use.

Since 1996, thousands of Texans have participated in Walk Across Texas and it's not something that makes us hammer on our co-workers to drum up pledges or anything.  It's not a fundraising event.  Teams are in a friendly competition to become the first to walk across the state and to accumulate the most miles walked, but a statement from the event says the main point is just to get people off the couch and moving.

Each adult team can include up to 8 team members, all working together to reach the 832-mile goal.

Each youth team can have an unlimited number of kids involved with the same goal of working together toward the goal of 832 miles.

Walk Across Texas is a program of the AgriLife Extension Service and it's just a matter of creating a team, keeping track of how much we walk and logging it into the system.  Just think of the bragging rights you can earn against the other half of the office when your team beats them to the 832-mile mark. The loser will have to bring breakfast tacos for a week.

Click HERE to register.  It starts on Monday, so don't wait!  We'll be done in 8 weeks before it gets too hot.  This will be fun.

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