With all the restaurants in Tyler and Longview, you could say that we are 'eat out' kind of towns! The two biggest cities in East Texas definitely do not have a shortage of restaurants or selection of food when it comes to restaurants, whether fast food, casual or fine dining.

When you take a look at the top 5 fastest growing chain restaurants in America, Tyler has all five of them while Longview has four of the five. This means that East Texas is right on track with the nation by having the latest in dining out options! Nation's Restaurant News released the June report saying chicken is among the fastest growing segment within the fast food market. Fast food joints that have a focus on chicken took home four of the top ten spots followed by a couple of pizza chains, a casual dining outlet, sandwich shop, specialty flavor and beverage shop.

Of the top 100 fastest growing food chains in America, here are the top five (all of which are in Tyler):

  • Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

    Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

    Tyler - S. Broadway near Loop 323
    Longview - Loop 281 @ Airline Rd.

  • Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

    Jersey Mike's Subs

    Tyler - 5th St. @ Beckham
    Tyler - S. Broadway in Macy's Plaza
    Longview - Fourth St. near Lowe's

  • Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1

    Marco's Pizza

    Tyler - S. Broadway
    Longview - still waiting on a location

  • Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1


    Tyler - SSW Loop 323 between Hwy. 31 and Hwy. 64
    Tyler - ESE Loop 323 near Walmart Neighborhood Market
    Tyler - S. Broadway near Heritage Dr.
    Longview - Loop 281 and Gilmer Rd.
    Longview - E Loop 281 and Fourth St.
    Longview - S. High St near Mobberly and Estes Pkwy. split

  • Lucky Larry, Mix 93-1


    Tyler - S. Broadway
    Tyler - Broadway Square Mall
    Tyler - Troup Hwy.
    Tyler - UT Tyler campus
    Longview - Loop 281 @ Gilmer Rd.
    Longview - Loop 281 @ Fourth St
    Longview - Longview Mall