There's nothing more heartbreaking than stories involving injury to a baby.

COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS--On January 19, baby Adrian Velasquez was left in the care of a 21-year-old babysitter while his parents went to work. The babysitter has been identified as Berta Evelin Lopez-Vasquez. She'd cared for the baby, along with his 2-year-old brother once before.

Although at first, the babysitter told police she'd accidentally dropped the baby, she eventually admitted that she caused the harm directly.

Houston's abc13 reports the babysitter shared she acted out of intense frustration after she couldn't get the 5-month-old infant to stop crying, despite the fact that she'd fed him and changed his diaper and clothing. The baby was jostled harshly and then thrown, based on estimates given, around 6 feet into a wall "causing [baby] Adrian to start seizing and stop breathing for about one minute."

Abc13 spoke with the baby's mother, Fidelina Velasquez, who said she doesn't understand what would cause Lopez-Vasquez to do such a thing.

The baby's mother, Fidelina Velasquez, Screenshot from abc13 public video
The baby's mother, Fidelina Velasquez, Screenshot from abc13 public video


She told reporters she received a call from the babysitter the morning of January 19 after she'd arrived at work. She told Adrian's mom something was wrong with the baby. After some back and forth, Velasquez said she knew something was wrong and rushed home


"Adrian was later found with fractures on the back of his skull and had brain damage at the hospital," according to a GoFundMe set up to help his family deal with the costs for his care."

The infant is current at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston and, abc13 reports, he is "in and out of consciousness [...] and is set to undergo [a second] surgery on Thursday."

A GoFundMe has been organized for those who would like to contribute to help the family deal with the considerable hospital costs as they fight for the life of their baby. He is currently stable but remains in critical condition. The family is also not sure of the long-term ramifications of the incident.

And what about the babysitter responsible for these injuries?

Berta Evelin Lopez-Vasquez is currently in jail on a bond of $200,000. She has been charged with serious bodily injury to a child.

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