Tara Holley
Tara Holley

 I didn't imagine I would stop and take the time to write an entire post about the strangest place to find some of THE BEST chicken strips I've ever had. Not just in Tyler, Texas. But anywhere. Ever.

But here we are.

And honestly, I wouldn't be writing this if I didn't feel these chicken strips were worth it. But y'all. I feel it's my duty to make you aware of the strangest, most surprising place (to me) to find some of the best chicken strips in Tyler.

And on top of that--these chicken strips are extraordinarily affordable. In fact, I'm concerned that simply by writing this and spreading the word, they're gonna hike up that price ASAP. So, like...don't tell anyone, ok? ;)

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The last place I would expect to find one of the most delicious strips in Tyler, Texas?

So I was Door Dashing the other day. (I've been Door Dashing A LOT lately. Got in the habit during quarantine and frankly, now I'm absurdly spoiled. But that's another issue.)

ANYWAY, I opted for Piada Italian Street Food because I initially wanted some kind of pasta dish or whatever. Cuz YUM.

Tara Holley
Tara Holley

As I was perusing the menu I noticed that they offered chicken strips. However, they're only found on the Kid's Menu for $4.99.

"Hmm. Actually, chicken strips sound pretty good," I thought to myself. And I figured it was a kid's serving so I added them to my cart and decided to make them an appetizer.

When my order arrived, I was pulling everything out of the bag when I noticed the chicken strips. I'd been expecting the same ole, same ole run-of-the-mill kids' meal chicken strip you see at most places. But these...

These chicken strips on the Piada Italian Street Food Kid's Menu looked like something my grandmother would've lovingly prepared many years ago.

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They were frankly much bigger than I'd anticipated and they looked as if they'd been hand-breaded by a chef. But even more impressive than that? THEY WERE DELICIOUS.

The chicken was tender, the flavor was perfect, and honestly, the only thing missing was ranch dressing and/or mashed potatoes and gravy. And for $4.99? WHAT?

Someone, please help me understand how some of the very best chicken strips I have ever had were to be found on the kids' menu at a fast-casual Italian food place?

(Not that I'm complaining.)

Highly recommend. (Also try the raspberry Italian soda, cuz OMG.)

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