These drive in movie locations don't show your typical movies on their big white metal screens!

I just happened to stumble upon a little less know fact when I was reading an article about the remaining eighteen drive in theaters within the state of Texas. While learning that Texas once bolstered more than four hundred drive in theaters across the state, the most of any state at the peak of their popularity, only a handful remain today with only four states having more than Texas.

Of the eighteen drive in movies in operation around the state that show movies on their big outdoor white screens, two of them show adult only films. Now I knew there was one here in East Texas and I've driven by it numerous times, The Apache Theater on Highway 31, and I thought for sure that had to be the only one in Texas, much less in the U.S. Apparently I was wrong, because there's another drive in in West Texas that shows XXX movies too. The Fiesta Drive In in El Paso is among an exclusive group showing these kind of movies outdoors in the U.S.

Now if you're looking for a traditional drive in theater in East Texas, well, you'll have to drive a bit, the closest one around is Ennis, Lewisville or Ft. Worth. The Sky-Vue Drive In that was on Hwy. 69 north of Tyler recently closed down.

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