November and December aren't peak months for willpower.  In fact, there are three things that will make willpower crumble faster than a crispy cookie hitting Cookie Monster's flat mouth.

Does anyone else want to scream anytime Cookie Monster tries to wolf down a chocolate chip cookie and cookie crumbs go flying everywhere?  It's so wasteful!  I know he a monster of cookies, but he commits a total cookie foul every time he tries to eat one.

Most of us treat cookies with much more respect and get them into our bellies where they belong.  And we do it with a little gluttony this time of year.  Cookies are one of the top three foods that will force our willpower to crater this holiday season, according to Fox News.

The 3 Biggest Holiday Diet Busters

1.  Cookies

2.  Pies or Cakes

3.  Homecooked meals

A new survey by Herbalife Nutrition and conducted by OnePoll found that once we give in to these holiday temptations the lack of control will get the best of us, and we'll end up postponing healthy routines until January.  I can see how this happens, but I think I'm much more likely to boost the workout routine just so I can eat more of the good stuff during the holidays.  Either way, giving in to temptation impacts how we handle our business.

The survey says forty-four percent also admitted to having eaten more than one dessert at a meal, and 36 percent have eaten more than one holiday dinner in a day.  But we would feel bad if we didn't eat again at Grandma's house four hours after eating a big turkey spread at Aunt Edna's.  So, in effect, we have to eat twice.  Another 30 percent say they’ve had to undo a button on their pants because of eating too much.  Only 30 percent?  Everyone else must be wearing stretchies.

Most people say they'll gain about six pounds over this holiday period, which probably started on Halloween night.  But we'll just have a "sliver" of pie, right?  (A small slice of three different kinds most likely.  With Cool Whip on top.)

I think I've discovered at least one thing we can do to combat the over-eating.  Serve Thanksgiving dinner earlier!  Waiting around all day is the worst, and we usually end up grazing all day and consuming 1500 calories worth of cheese and olives before the turkey is even served.  If we can fill up on the main attraction earlier in the day and let it taper off, we might have a chance.

I always think I'm going to have willpower at Thanksgiving.  Until I taste something good.  And then the floodgates are open.

Having all of the good food around is something to be thankful for, of course, but so is waking up the next day and feeling good in our clothes.  Here's to a holiday season of finding the right balance.

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