There is so much to appreciate about Texas, and now we can add this to the list.

We're #1 when it comes to fast food.  What restaurants are most popular here?

Texas ranks 1st on the list of states with the most chains and the biggest variety of fast food spots, according to Thrillist.  Other states in the top five for supporting the fast food industry are California, Ohio, and Alabama.

Texas gets props for having lots of the usual chains like McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's, along with regional chains like Whataburger and Burger Street, Raising Canes, Golden Chick, Taco Bueno & Taco Cabana, and Schlotzsky’s. We've got a million choices.

Thrillist also notes the founder of Whataburger wanted to make a burger that required both hands and would have customers screaming “What a burger!” after the first bite. Mission accomplished.  And the taquitos are pretty good too, especially at 3am.

Texas might be the king of fast food because it's such a huge state with a thousand highways, and plenty of space for the fast food chains to pop up.

What's your favorite drive-thru?

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