As someone who drinks very little cow milk, it's difficult to fathom how one family from Kennedale, Texas manages to go through 12 gallons of milk every single week.

I mean, are they operating a coffee house? What gives?

And clearly I'm not the only one that was blown away upon hearing this. Their story has gone VIRAL on Twitter and other major news media outlets have picked up the story. Like CNN, for example:

This is a real-life example of how inflation is affecting middle class families in Texas and across the U.S.

The reaction on some social media platforms was varied, with quite a few people ridiculing the family's seemingly excessive consumption of milk. But one important detail many people seemed to miss?

The Stotler family of Kennedale, Texas has NINE children. NINE. When you consider that rather important detail, 12 gallons of milk a week doesn't seem quite so excessive any more.

And although the online response was likely stressful for the family, there was one HUGE benefit of it. reports that one Dallas-based dairy heard of the family's financial struggle to feed their family of nine and decided to give the family free milk for a YEAR. Hmm, ok so that works out to around 625 gallons of milk per year.

Kudos to Oak Farms Dairy for choosing to help this family struggling to feed their kids as prices have continued to rise on basic such as a gallon of milk.

Have you and your family been affected by inflation as of late?


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