Some of my favorite memories of being a kid revolve around the times when my Mom was baking in the kitchen. There's just something universally comforting about seeing her smiling face making something magical out of flour and sugar and then soon after smelling the drool-worthy aromas emanating from the oven. No matter what else might happen that day, you knew it was already a good one.

Kindly, she would either let me "help," which meant get in her way of course, but she made me feel like I was. Or, at the very least she would hand me one of the mixer...uh what are they called? Ya know, the whirly things at the end that always have icing mix left on them? Yeah, those. #happymoments #amiright

The point is, there's something extra special about the handmade sweets Mom used to make for us. So, what if we make it her turn now for Mother's Day? Now, whether or not you guys want to attend a cookie decorating class is up to you. (But hey, why the heck not? ;) Furthermore, major kudos to you if you do.) But what about taking the kids or tell your significant other--that would be a memorable way to celebrate Mother's Day--either as an activity with Mom or as a way to make a gift for Mom.

Either way, Get Baked by Christina will be teaching TWO Mother's Day Cookie Decorating classes, on Friday, May 3 and Saturday, May 4th--both are from 3 to 5 p.m--at the Innovation Pipeline in Tyler.

Kids or no kids, all are welcome. The class is suitable for newbies and cookie decorating gurus, alike. It's $40 to attend and by the end of the lesson, you'll go home with six of their "signature vanilla bean sugar cookies" upon which you have bestowed your own artistic signature (after a bit of training, of course--thus, the class.)

Obviously, you may want to consider giving them to your Mom, or *a* Mom, but Christina says there is ZERO judgement if you want to eat them yourself. ;) Although it IS getting close to Mother's Day. Maybe save her one?

Get more delicious details here.


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