As you're running errands around Tyler, Texas, I'm sure you'll notice things that aren't normally in a spot you pass by on a regular basis. That could be a sign for a garage sale or maybe a sign outside of a business advertising their latest gimmick or something that has no sign telling you what it is but has a deep meaning to it. Over the last couple of days, you've probably seen blue pinwheels planted in people's yards or in front of a local business. But what do they mean? Let's find out.

Children’s Advocacy Center of Smith County

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Smith County (CACSC) was created to aid children who have suffered abuse of any kind. They provide services to those children to help in the healing process of abuse. They can educate us in East Texas to spot possible abuse and how to properly report the suspected abuse. They also work with law enforcement who are investigating an incident of child abuse.

In the logo for CACSC, you can see three pinwheels. The pinwheel has become the universal symbol of child abuse awareness. Over the last couple of days, around 200 blue pinwheels have been planted across the City of Tyler to honor the victims of abuse.

How You Can Help

CACSC is a 501(c)3 organization which means volunteers are always welcome. You can do that by being a greeter at their facility. You can also help them when they are set up at various events across East Texas. You can also help collect or donate items to CACSC.

You can also make a financial donation to CACSC. You can do that directly or during East Texas Giving Day on April 30. Get all the details on the great work being done by CACSC at

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