Something tells me us gals worry more about stress-eating than you fellas do.  If we get fat, we have something to blame it on!

Since stress-eating usually involves comfort foods like pizza, cheeseburgers, and chocolate cake, that packs on about a pound a month and eleven pounds per year those experts say.

I was a fat kid and part of my stress now involves worrying about being fat again, so this bit of news makes me feel like the problem is compounded.  Stress makes me want to starve and eat at the same time!

It's not just the foods themselves that cause the weight gain.  There could be something else going on with stress that makes us add the LB's.  

Fox News says stress eating tends to be associated with reaching for high-fat comfort foods that are unhealthy. But more than that, the stress itself could be throwing off metabolism, too.  Women who had at least one stresser during a lab test burned 104 fewer calories than those who didn't have the stresser.  Ick!

I try my best to fight off stress with yogurt and edamame and quinoa and avocados now and those have become my comfort foods.   I can almost trick my taste buds and body into thinking it's a high fat buffet because those foods are so yummy to me now.  But I still love pizza and have to stop myself from eating the whole pie.

Doesn't this stress over stress make you want to drink?  Surely there are no calories in that either.

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