In my ongoing observances of "life with cats," they continue to teach me life lessons every single day--how to be at peace in the moment and how to not overreact to life's little inevitable upsets.

Since I've moved back into my remodeled house, I'm doing my best to get things back to "organized." However, truth is--I'm not the most naturally organized person so I have to focus on making those edges straight and surfaces sparkly. WHICH is why, this particular habit of one of my cats tends to drive me particularly crazy.

One habit I try to make sure I knock out every morning is making my bed. It's a simple thing, yes. But, somehow doing that one small thing tends to help me get my mind in a better place. I've checked one thing off my to-do list and feel energized to do the next thing. It's become a way I "keep myself in line." Perhaps to a fault.

I have a tendency to be a bit of a "rules-oriented" person, despite my intentions to be more balanced in that regard. So, once I decide I'm going to do something, it can start to become wrought with a type of religious fervor to the point where, if I stumble, I become quite forlorn.

Enter my overly-exuberant cat, Jasper. Perhaps he feels compelled to help me overcome my Pharisaical tendencies by becoming a little thwarter to my bed-making endeavors--or maybe he just wants to play. Either way, it's become a tradition every single morning:

Tara seeks to make bed. Jasper, no matter where he was, appears on bed. Tara tries to make bed around Jasper. Jasper pounces and thwarts and attacks Tara's hands until she gives up and collapses laughing at his ridiculous antics. 

Every. Single. Morning.

So what am I left with? A semi-made bed. Every day. It looks nicer than it would've otherwise. Though House Beautiful worthy, it is not. However, having come to accept this reality, I've decided to be okay with it.

When I walk by my bedroom I am reminded that life isn't perfect. I'll never be perfect. Martha Stewart won't walk by and give me an A+ on my bed-making ability. Yet, I am reminded of laughter, of play, of the joy in the messiness. Life is messy--and although full of sadness--ALSO full of laughter, play, and joy.

I think that's more important than having a perfectly made bed. Embrace the messy.

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