Fellas I have to tell you...if I can hear you chewing your food, I'm grossed out!  If you're wolfing down your burgers and pizza and slurping and smacking all the while, you might be fun for a night, but I don't think we'll be eating mashed potatoes and gravy together when we're seventy!

Even if there are flowers and candlelight and sweet talk to go along with a romantic meal by the fire, if you chew the chocolate covered strawberries with your mouth open and make smacking noises it's a total mood ruiner for me.

Should it be?  The experts say there are many things that we have to let go in relationships and chew noises are one of them.  Help, I will need therapy!  What else is on the list of "overlookable habits?"

Other things that we should overlook on the way to finding true love include: slow walking, chronic lateness by about ten minutes, letting the cell phone die, loud nose blowing, and awkward dancing.

Things not to overlook include: taking foul moods out on you, picking apart your dreams, spending combined funds impulsively, and more.  For sure!  Kick that person to the curb.

What do you think about all this?  I think I may be single for a long time.  But if you chew your food quietly and are always on time, please look me up!

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