A news story coming out of Frisco, Texas recently confirms police are currently investigating several incidents of "purse snatching" at various big box stores in the area.

This begs the question: are thefts on the rise, generally speaking? Will we see more of this here at our stores in Tyler, Longview, and all around East Texas?

While we can't definitively know the answer to that question, we do know that thefts tend to rise a bit during the holiday shopping season. People who are desperate for money for shopping or whatever may opt for more desperate means.

So what exactly happened in Frisco, Texas regarding the three purse snatching incidents?

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According to a press release sent out by the Frisco Police Department, police are "investigating two robberies and one theft committed since Saturday."

Last Saturday, November 12, police responded to an alleged theft that occurred at the Walmart in Frisco. The victim told police that her purse had been snatched from her shopping cart while she waiting in the check-out line.

The woman called out and thankfully someone who was close to the front doors saw the suspect running toward her with the purse. When the helpful samaritan attempted to grab the purse from the alleged thief, she was knocked down. The suspect escaped but the helpful hero returned the purse to the owner.

Then, on Monday, November 14, the press release shared that Frisco police responded to another purse-snatching call--this time at the Target store. The victim told police she was putting her purchases in her vehicle when a pickup pulled alongside, and a man got out of the passenger side and grabbed her purse, hopped back in the truck, and they left the scene.

Finally, only "six minutes after the incident at Target was reported, Frisco Dispatch received a call of a robbery in the H-E-B parking lot." The caller told police a suspect tried to grab a woman's purse. However, she had it looped around her neck and thus the attempt resulted in her being pulled to the ground. The suspect then fled the scene. You can see the full press release and the details involved below.

 Here's that press release:

So what does this have to do with those of us who live in East Texas?

The bottom line is this: Please, when you're out shopping, please be EXTRA mindful of yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings--no matter WHERE you are. Things get even more frantic during this busy time of year.

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