It's been over a year of searching without success for missing Texas State University student, Jason Landry. A new video released last Friday may reveal helpful new details in the case.

It was December of 2020 that Landry went missing. His crashed car was found in a rural area in Caldwell County. His clothes and belongings were found scattered around the area.

The new video reveals potentially helpful new details in the case of the missing Texas State University student.

CBS Austin reports:

"Over a year after his disappearance, the Caldwell County Sheriff's Criminal Investigations Division is releasing new details including Snapchat, facetime, dashcam, and body cam video."

Captain Jeff Ferry of the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office told CBS Austin that Jason's dad, Kent Landry, took a video when he arrived on the scene where his son went missing. His iPhone video focused on where Jason's clothes were found on the road, as well as the scene of the crash.

Screenshot from CBS Austin video
Screenshot from CBS Austin video

When you watch the video, you'll note the officer on duty commenting on the situation:

"He's completely naked wherever he's at. There's blood on his underwear."

Though Captain Ferry said there is currently no evidence suggesting this should be seen as a criminal case, he did tell CBS Austin that "There's thousands of images over the areas where Jason was believed to have gone missing from over a pretty good timeline. There were drone assets deployed the first 24 hours."

Other videos related to the case of Jason Landry were released, as well.

In addition to the footage taken on Kent Landry's iPhone at the scene, another video shows Jason Landry chatting with a friend on Facetime for almost an hour just before leaving for his intended destination--Missouri City. There was also another video where he's smoking marijuana on the social media platform, Snapchat.

Phone records were also released.

Captain Ferry said that because of the details revealed in these videos, he feels confident Jason Landry was alone on his road trip and that whatever may have happened to Jason likely occurred after he crashed his vehicle.

Captain Ferry also told CBS Austin that the next step is to speak with the Texas Attorney General's office--especially since they've recently opened a new cold case division.

The investigation is ongoing.

Here's the full video report from CBS Austin's, Lindsey Ragas:

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