You may have been keeping up with the ongoing search for Texas State University student, Jason Landry, who went missing over a year ago near Luling, Texas.

Sadly, after seven official searches, there is still no sign of him.

Recently, though, a man was walking around a piece of property he was planning on purchasing when he came across a badly decomposed body near the Guadalupe Bridge in Guadalupe County, Texas.

Due to the ongoing, dedicated searches for Landry, the authorities who arrived on the scene speculated there may be a chance the body could've been Jason Landry. But upon further investigation, authorities confirmed the human remains found were not those of Landry.

Rather, they belonged to another young man who went missing from Vanderbilt, Texas in late October of this year.

the Seguin Gazette identified the body as belonging to "16-year-old Benjamin 'Tank' Loera of Vanderbilt — a town about 30 miles southeast of Victoria — Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Javier Luna said.

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Since his disappearance, both Jackson County authorities, as well as the Texas Rangers, have been searching for him. Loera's death has been confirmed as a homicide. Currently, three suspects are in custody.

Although the Seguin Gazette reports that Lt. Luna did not reveal the names of the suspects, he did say they expect more charges to follow in the very near future.

We are continuing to send love to the family of Jason Landry, whose whereabouts are still unknown. And also of course the Loera Family, who although may have realized a sense of closure, are no doubt grieving deeply here at the end of 2021.

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