Despite many searches and an ongoing investigation by Caldwell County law enforcement, ever since Jason Landry disappeared from Luling, Texas on December 13, 2020, there's been no trace of him.

He'd been making his way home to Missouri City, Texas for a holiday break from his classes at Texas State University in San Marcos.

KPRC2 reports "his car, a Nissan Altima, was found wrecked, locked, and abandoned in the middle of the night on a desolate road near Luling, with no sign of him."

Since then, over 50 square miles of ground have searched, and a pond was drained completely. Even more area was searched from the air. But still, there has been no sign of Jason Landry.

Caldwell County Sheriff's Office Captain Jeff Ferry told KPRC2 that there wasn't any sign that a crime had been committed against Jason.

Ferry believes the most likely possibility is that Jason was under the influence, took a wrong turn, crashed his vehicle, took off his clothes before wandering out into the very cold weather where he was eventually attacked and eaten by wild hogs. However he did say he didn't think it was the hogs that actually caused his death.


Captain Ferry's notion, shared by others in the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office, is why the department has decided not to have the DNA evidence found in Landry's vehicle processed.

Meanwhile, the Landry family feels the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office hasn't investigated fully enough into their son's case. And they're not the only ones. In fact, they've even hired their own private investigator.

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And although the Caldwell County authorities have access to more evidence than the former FBI agent who is working, for free, as a private investigator for the Landry family, Abel Peña of Project Absentis, has another theory. He told KPRC:

“If you go down that road in believing that nothing happened to Jason Landry, then you’re not going down that road of talking to people,” Peña said.

Peña has also forwarded a list of ten people whom he believes might be able to provide more info if only the authorities were willing to talk with them.

Whereas Caldwell County authorities don't think Jason Landry came into contact with anyone before his crash and disappearance, Peña said that's not necessarily the case.

Former FBI agent turned PI, Abel Peña, has a different theory.

He said it's possible Landry came into contact with someone at an intersection in Luling where he made the wrong turn instead of proceeding to I-10.

He believes there's a strong possibility that something happened that caused Jason to take the fateful detour. Now, the Texas Attorney General's Cold Case Unit has agreed to delve into the case again.

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