The question remains unanswered: What happened to Jason Landry?

Since Texas State University student, 21-year-old Jason Landry, went missing in December of 2020, there have seven searches, prayer vigils, and more and more questions as few answers have been given in his mysterious disappearance.

Since then, the Landry family has acquired the services of a former FBI agent-turned private investigator: Abel Pena of Project Absentis based out of San Antonio, Texas. He is working for them for free and has been challenging the Caldwell County authorities in regard to the way this case has been worked.

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Recently, the case has been turned over to the office of the Texas Attorney General who has put their Cold Cases department on the task in an effort to find answer regarding this case.

However, it would appear that the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office is back on the case.

KRPC out of Houston, Texas reports that "Saturday, a search team was in Caldwell County, just northeast of the location where Landry’s car was found abandoned. They were called in to assist the Sheriff’s office in the case."

The team out doing the search? TEXSAR. Who is TEXSAR? This name is short for an organization called Texas Search & Rescue. According to their own website, "TEXSAR, is a professionally trained volunteer, first responder organization that deploys throughout the state of Texas.

TEXSAR deploys only at the request of law enforcement, public safety or emergency management with Search and Rescue, K-9 units, Flood and Swift water rescue, vertical rescue, emergency relief and disaster response."

Captain Jeff Ferry from the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office said TEXSAR was searching at THEIR request. He said it this search has been planned for weeks prior. However, a representative from TEXSAR said the search was only planned for one day.

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