Recently, a woman who lives in Whitehouse shared a rant about a new, super popular coffee shop in Tyler, TX that even she said may come as a surprise.

It seems like there is a new coffee shop opening every other week or so in the Tyler, TX area as of late. (No, we don't mean that literally. Let's just say coffee lovers in East Texas have quite a few options to choose from. And frankly, we're thrilled about that.)

However, coming across this post on a local social media group page WAS surprising to many of us. And why is that?

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Ever since we heard that an Oregon-based, drive-thru coffee shop was opening a franchise in one of our East Texas cities, we've been excited. There's no denying that Dutch Bros. seems to be enormously popular. I've even heard from friends who live here in East Texas how much they've ADORED this place--for the speed at which they operate, the friendliness they exhibit when you visit, and of course, the coffee concoctions themselves.

So what happened that prompted her to share her rant on a locally-based social media group page?

The lady who shared her admittedly frustrating experience is named Miranda. She visited the new Dutch Bros. on Grande Blvd in Tyler the first week after they opened--not once, but twice. Granted, anytime a new restaurant or coffee shop opens in our area, it's going to be very busy--at least for a while.

While Miranda says she understands that, we can understand her frustration with the fact that on BOTH occasions, it took her between 30 and 45 minutes to get her order. That is surprising because Dutch Bros. is known for its super-quick service. Most of us don't have half an hour to spare on our way to work in the morning.

But it sounds like the thing that frustrated her the most wasn't even the long wait, it had more to do with the employees at the new location in Tyler, Texas.

Miranda shared that on her first visit, though it took a while to get her order, the employees were quite friendly and it was ok. However, on her second visit, she said while customers were waiting for a long time for their orders, she said between 10 and 15 employees were hanging out and taking selfies with each other for social media, leaving just one employee working both lines for around 20 minutes.

She went on to share that not only was she becoming annoyed by the situation, but she also noticed other people in their cars appeared to be unamused, as well. According to her post, she was finally able to get help from an employee and placed her order. While her drink was correct, she said her companion's drink was completely wrong.

She said she won't be back for a while until they are able to get back on track. And hey, at least she has many other options to choose from.

We're still happy Dutch Bros. is here in East Texas--and I would speculate Miranda is, too. The coffee is fantastic and we're sure once they're settled these issues will likely improve.

At the same time, we completely understand where she's coming from. While it's great to see employees excited about their new gig working at a super popular business, if what she shared is more than just unlucky timing, those employees need to remember the main reason they're there--to take care of their customers.

What about you? Have you had any experiences with East Texas businesses you'd like to share--whether fantastic or frustrating?

We'd love to hear from you:

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