So, if you go into a restaurant and the menu has a dish called the "Dirty Sanchez Crab," are you going to order there? The Dirty Sanchez and the Wetback Willie are just a couple of items on the menu at Lola's Burrito Joint in Jacksonville, Fla., that has people scowling at the menu with tasteless names attached.It first started with an employee who called himself Wetback Willie and told the restaurant's owners to name a burrito after him. And we understand why. But as you get into the restaurant and sit looking at the menu, You get a bad visual right off the bat.

With dishes like these and another called "No Papers Shrimp," critics have come after the restaurant for its racially offensive items. The "Wetback Willie" burrito has been changed to "Wet Willie."

But, people are saying it's not enough. The restaurant has only been open since June.

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