As if this should surprise anyone, Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez was voted the phoniest player in baseball by his fellow big-leaguers. Sports Illustrated sent out a survey to players across the MLB to determine who they thought was the phoniest player. The results weren't even close.

232 players responded to the survey, the results were:

Alex Rodriguez, Yankees 3B 26%

Nick Swisher, Yankees RF 14%

Nyjer Morgan, Brewers CF 11%

Brian Wilson, Giants P 9%

Brandon Phillips, Reds 2B 5%

The magazine felt the need to note that Swisher, Morgan, Wilson, and Phillips also were considered phony, but they didn't even really have to. The gap between Rodriguez and Swisher (who are both Yankees, see the trend?) is a good 12%. No one even came close to A-Rod.

They also note that out of the 64% of votes for Rodriguez came from players in the American League, with 44% of those coming rivals in the AL East. Players also voted A-Rod as the most overrated player in baseball. No, no-one is picking on him, it's pretty much a fact.

Just for fun, here's Ranger Neftali Feliz striking out A-Rod to clinch the ALCS. This just brings such joy to my heart.

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