Say "hello" to the moron of the day! It starts by driving drunk, and that's dumb man. What's worse: butt-dialing 911 while driving drunk.

Here's the story of a 47-year-old drunk guy driving a stolen car who butt -dialed 911 while his cell phone was in his pocket.

Tacoma, Wash., dispatchers got the first call and could hear a lady screaming and a man telling her to stop screaming. The dispatcher continuously heard sounds of a struggle inside a vehicle, and police tracked the phone and responded where officers saw this car run a red light.

The police tried to pull the car over, but the car and driver stopped quickly and a lady jumped out of the car and ran. The man started driving again and refused to pull over for police.

The man eventually stopped jumped out himself and took off on foot. A K-9 police dog was in pursuit but unable to find the suspect. The vehicle was registered in Vancouver and had shaved keys inside, leading the cops to believe the car had been stolen.

Then another call came in from the same phone and the police tracked that phone and found a couple sitting inside a different car. Unreal! How do you butt-dial 911 twice?

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