Well, here is the weird crime of the week. There are feuds with guns, knifes and bare knuckle brawls, but this one involves poop-filled underwear.  The story starts with this guy Johnny Broestler deciding to head over to the camper of 60-year-old guy named Walter. This would not, as the story goes, be a social visit. Johnny was in need of rent money and had decided that his neighbor Walter would be generous enough to give it to him.

This is where things get weird. Johnny arrived at Walter's camper (and let himself in), Johnny was told no when he asked to borrow the rent cash. Then things got in a heated argument, and Johnny decided that physical violence was the only way to get the money he needed.

Then Johnny saw some poop-filled underwear on Walter's floor. Why this dude had poop filled underwear is still up in the air! Johnny picked it up and began putting it on Walter's face.

This isn't white trash at all.

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