Ah, Sunday afternoons.

Traditionally in America, Sundays are seen as a day of rest. Whatever one's particular tradition, it is embedded in our culture that this is the day we lay everything else aside and just allow ourselves to "be." Well, at least that's the official story.

(Disclaimer: For some people, Saturdays and Sundays are reversed but the same story applies in many cases.)

Actually, because we have become such a busy society and have filled our weekdays and Saturdays with as much activity as is humanly (and maybe super-humanly) possible, very often Sundays become the "overflow" day. The day where we get all of the other things done we weren't able to complete Monday through Saturday.

On the one hand, it seems like a bonus day. "Hey, I can finally catch up on that project I've meaning to knock out for work." Or, "finally I can finish the housecleaning and laundry to get ready for Monday." Dude, I get it. The struggle is real and Monday is coming. I feel the temptation myself to to "get ahead" and very often I delve into those aforementioned tasks I've not finished prior.

Today was different though. Perhaps because many of us are having a longer weekend due to the holiday and we have an extra day to use as our "extra day." So, after I got home from the station I basically forced myself to rest a bit. Like actually REST. I even dozed off for an hour or so, cats at the foot of the bed. It was some of the best sleep I've had in awhile.

When I woke up, I read a bit, made an early dinner, and generally since have just had a chilled out state of mind. It's funny, I feel more clear-headed and ready to face a new work week than I have for many months. I keep thinking to myself, "why don't I do this more often?"

Listen, I propose we return to this idea of a restful Sunday. I understand wanting to catch up on things. At the same time, if we continually find ourselves having to sacrifice a rest day on the altar of getting more things done, perhaps we need to re-evaluate our everyday schedules. Maybe we're saying "yes" to one too many things.

Maybe we need to learn to curate our schedules a bit to make room for rest. That may include sleep, yes. However, it can be anything that that helps you relax. Take an extra long bath, read a book (for fun), play a video game, paint, or engage in anything else that you may find recreational in nature...OH nature. Yeah nature is helpful.

I sincerely believe at some point, productivity levels hit a point of diminishing returns. In other words, being proactive and achieving is GREAT. However, if the trade-off is that you're not even cognizant enough to enjoy the moments of your life--at least on a Saturday or Sunday with your family, friends, pets, or even yourself--then what on earth are we doing all of this work for?

Take a break this evening. Or next Sunday. Even if you can only carve out a few hours. Make rest a priority. It will make the rest of your days not only more pleasant, but most likely more productive, too.

Sunday peace be yours.


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