In case one Raising Cane's in Tyler, Texas isn't enough to fulfill your inner desire to consume as much of that signature Cane's sauce as possible, you're about to have another source.

Since the first Tyler, TX location opened back in September of 2013 at 4186 South Broadway, I can't tell you how many people have become true devotees of the franchise. I mean, people who love Cane's REALLY love Cane's. That's interesting to me because frankly they have a relatively simple menu compared to so many of the other fast food options around East Texas. I guess it's because the things they DO serve, they do very well. (Especially that sauce, which I am fairly convinced some people may drink.)

And now, it's a official. A second Raising Cane's location is coming soon to Tyler. So where is this second location going to be?

"With the approval of a building permit in the 500 block of SSE Loop 323 in Tyler, Raising Cane’s will have a second restaurant to serve up chicken fingers, Texas toast, and their signature sauce. This location would bring the restaurant to the east side of Tyler," reports KLTV.

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OK, so where specifically is that going to be?

According to CBS 19, that would put the new Raising Cane's location "next to the Starbucks, located at 501 S Southeast Loop 323."

So that means it would be close to the Walmart at Loop 323 and East Front Street.

No confirmation just yet as to the exact date they're planning to have construction completed or when we can look forward to their grand opening. We'll let you know.

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