Today is the 50th year we've celebrated Earth Day. In the past, this day has inspired various community events and organizations to work together to do what they can to take care of our beautiful planet.

Right now, many of us are quarantined at home. We may feel like there's not much we can do to contribute to the well-being of this planet. Although working together toward a common purpose is always uniquely powerful, there are many things we can do even at home during the COVID-19 lock down.

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In fact, many of these things--these lifestyle choices we make in the "little moments," ARE a powerful way to contribute to a group effort. If hundred, and then thousands, and then tens of thousands of people, and so on, change the way they live their lives every day, it can have a stunning impact indeed.

In fact, we might see this season of quarantine as an opportunity to use the different pace of life to begin to learn and incorporate some standards and practices that we take into our daily lives when "normalcy" returns.

Here are just some of many ways to start efforting toward caring for our planet home:

14 Simple Ways To Live More Earth-Friendly

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